Month: December 2016

Cost, Insurance, and Replacement-Markchic Reviews


Very formal jewelry, even in girls’ sizes, can get very expensive. Some people choose to insure girls’ jewelry purchases because of the associated costs, and how hard the children can be on delicate items like jewelry. Those insurance plans with replacement guarantees, especially in the case of loss, are highly valued. Often, a girl will receive several keepsake jewelry items that she only wears for special occasions and with permission from her parents, while less expensive casual jewelry can be worn on a daily basis.

Many jewelry stores carry small sizes intended for children. In addition, most department stores have jewelry counters, though their selection of jewelry specifically intended for girls may be limited. Online sources have a wide range of availability for girls’ jewelry, with some being devoted specifically to that. Online auction sites, such as Marchic Reviews, give you access to modern and antique pieces.

Allergies and Dangerous Metals of Jewelry-Markchic Reviews


Some children have allergies to specific metals, and this should be kept in mind when purchasing jewelry. One of the most common allergies related to jewelry is an allergy to nickel. This metal is often used as a base for inexpensive jewelry. It can cause a skin rash that will usually clear up in a few days after contact with the material.

Another concern is lead. This is a dangerous substance that has been found in toy jewelry manufactured abroad. Lead and some other dangerous metals, such as cadmium, present a special worry when given to young children who tend to put items in their mouths. This goes beyond the baby and toddler stage, and each parent likely knows their child well enough to determine the risks.

Age Appropriateness-Markchic Reviews


The appropriateness of a piece of jewelry has a lot to do with the age of the girl. For instance, it is not appropriate for a baby girl to wear dangling earrings. This is both a safety issue, and one of taste. In general, large gems and jewelry items are considered too adult for young girls to wear. Again, it is important to consider the activities a child participates in to determine if a genuine gemstone is appropriate, or if synthetic gemstones or even rhinestones would make more sense. If purchasing jewelry as a gift for someone else’s child, it may be wise to talk to the parents first to gauge the type of jewelry their child prefers as well the parents’ tastes and values.

The Materials of Jewelry-Markchic Reviews


Girl’s jewelry is available in a wide range of materials. Keepsake and more formal jewelry is available in different grades ofsilver and gold. Some are available in other metals, though they are generally more casual, everyday items. Much of the more formal jewelry features gemstones, with birthstones being especially popular. It may be wise to avoid more delicate stones, such as opal, as this type of precious stone scratches easily.

Much of the jewelry available for girls is more casual and intended for everyday wear. These generally feature rhinestones in place of gemstones and are often silver or gold plated. Many pieces of girls’ jewelry feature enamel characters and designs, which are available in any color of the rainbow. Some jewelry, intended for use in play is made from plastic or inexpensive metals.


The Sizing of Jewelry-Markchic Reviews


Sizing is important for jewelry intended for young girls. The smaller sizes usually have a limited availability. For necklaces, use a string to measure the length around the neck of the girl, including the intended drape. This will be the size chain to purchase. For bracelets, measure tightly against the wrist, and then add a half inch to know the appropriate size to purchase. The chart below details ring sizes for young girls, along with a general age range.


The age ranges vary and overlap, sometimes widely. This is because children grow at different rates. Measurements should be taken whenever possible to ensure a good fit.