Jewelrys for Grows-Markchic Reviews


A contestant’s pageant gown, the right jewelry and shoes add the winning touches that complete her look.

As the accessory closest to a contestant’s face, her pageant jewelry must be impeccable. “Accessories are the frame to the picture,” says pageant clothier, Thomas Tolbert. “Jewelry enhances and finishes the look. If it overpowers you and you look at the jewelry before you look at her face, then it’s wrong. You’ve got to consider the neck-line, the girl’s weight, her hair, and her eyes. There are a lot of things to be considered.”

The dress design, facial shape and size and hairstyle are the most important factors in selecting earrings to complement a total look.

“I don’t so much look at her face as I look at her overall appearance from the head to bust area,” says Kati Fish. “If she has a long neck and she is wearing a strapless dress, she can wear a really long earring. If she is wearing a dress that comes up high around her neck or close to the neck, you don’t want to have long earrings. You’ll want more of a button style.

If a girl has a small face and she’s wearing a flowing gown, I’ll get a more dainty earring, as opposed to someone who is going with a completely beaded look with very full hair.”

It is worth to be attention that most women have opted for some variation of the popular chandelier style in recent years.

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