Month: January 2017

diamond Earrings-Markchic Reviews

dde79e5819513ad8e2091354c0029f8cc2a7b2b11cb54-hzhIUI_fw658.jpgMarkchic Reviews: When referring to jewelry, I think the most important piece is a pair of earrings. In general I would consider a stud or a huggy. The diamond stud is perhaps the most classic or elegant, and most versatile, but it can be a stud earring with some color. The great thing about studs is that it is a go-to earring for every day. You can use this as a backdrop for everything else that you are going to wear. A stud will make sure that your look is finished and polished.

Stylish Women And Their Earrings-Markchic Reviews

7a509dfe9e9196c510cde41be454f410c11fa76822103-ohgejg_fw658Markchic Reviews: Throughout history, jewelry has been worn to pull together a look and an outfit and finish a look. Indeed, stylish women everywhere feel naked when not wearing earrings (indeed, this is a feeling I understand; I have been known to go back home to put on a pair after arriving at the office and realizing I left the house without earrings).