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Grandpa Hodge was the most popular sage in the village because he was so philosophic in speaking and doing things that everyone revered him as “Grandpa Wisdom”.

One day, a man hurried to Grandpa Wisdom and said, “Grandpa, I have a piece of news to tell you…”

“Wait a moment,” Grandpa Hodge stroked his beard and cut him short, “Have you sifted the news you will tell me with three sieves?”

“Three sieves? Which three sieves?” the man asked with puzzlement.“The first sieve is

Truth. Is the news you will tell me true?” Grandpa Hodge asked, narrowing his eyes.

“I don’t know because I overhead it from the street.”

“Now let’s check it with the second sieve,” Grandpa Hodge went on, “If the news you will tell me is not true, it should be friendly.”

The man hesitantly answered, “No, just the other way round…”

Grandpa Hodge once again interrupted him, “So let’s use the third sieve. Can you tell me if the news that is exciting you is very important?”

“It is not so important,” the man answered with embarrassment.

Grandpa Hodge patted the shoulder of the man and said significantly, “Now that the news you will tell me is not true, friendly or important, please don’t tell me. Then it won’t trouble you and me.”

The man took a tumble and never spread the overhead news ever since.

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